Net Ents’ flagship Sparks Touch slot machine now live at CasinoLoco

Net Entertainment was on the most prolific software developers in 2015, enhancing his collection of games with dozens of new titles. It definitely helps that they’ve casinoloco logo engot a huge team and access to impressive resources, but this doesn’t strip them of the merit of pushing the industry forward.

CasinoLoco is an online casino that is doing exactly that, albeit at a lower scale and it is instinctively seeking the partnership of software developers that share their aspirations.

NetEnt is already providing them with hundreds of games, with slot machines representing a significant percentage of these titles. In early 2016, more games will hit the stores and one of them is already available on the entire spectrum of mobile devices. Sparks Touch is a slot machine tweaked to be fully compatible with the smartphones and tablets and it is a shining example of how Touch can be put to good use. It is also regarded as one of the most innovative games of 2015.

A strong contender for the title of game of the year, it continues to exercise a special attraction over fans of the genre. The game is also one of those making the transition from Flash technology to HTML 5, which is more stable and compatible with far more devices. The fact that players are not expected to download content is reassuring, because this was the best selling point the Flash.

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Sparks is obviously a highly successful product for online casino fans who prefer to use mobile devices, but it is also the first ever desktop video slots using HTML 5 technology. The vast majority of CasinoLoco are still relying heavily on their computers for gambling purposes, despite the fact that they are presented with a worthy alternative. The idea is to give them unlimited freedom in choosing the manner in which they prefer to play their games, so they won’t have to make any compromises ever.

CasinoLoco is clearly investing more in games compatible with mobile devices, but this is hardly bad news for those who prefer to stick to their desktop. Only a tiny fraction of the new games can be played exclusively on smartphones and tablets, so any new addition is beneficial for all categories of players. The eligibility requirements for bonuses are not affected by the status of these games and it makes no difference if you choose to play them in the browser or download content on your machine.

Using the Touch game controls for mobile play is a bonus rather than a nuisance, so CasinoLoco isn’t turning its back to conservative gamblers, hooked to their PCs. Instead, they are trying to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and this is exactly what the partnership with NetEnt is all about. Their new Touch games are already HTML 5 games, with 2015 marking the beginning of an irreversible trend from this technology from the now obsolete Flash.