32Red Bingo players compete for massive jackpots

32Red casinp is ready to change the rules is ready to change the rules of the game once again and players have good reasons to be happy about this interesting turn of events. Instead of compelling players to accept the indissoluble link between the amount wagered and the potential payouts, these guys are presenting them with a rare opportunity.

They will be paying the same small amounts on bingo tickets, but in return they will be competing for a massive jackpot if they play the 75 and 90 ball bingo games.

Fortunately these two games are the ones that have most of the fans all over the Internet, so there are no compromises to be made. The vast majority of their customers are already hooked on these games, so they will make a smooth transition and compete for more money than ever before.

The sheer amount is guaranteed to start at €5000, but past performance suggests that the guaranteed prize pool will once again be exceeded and the jackpot will soar to new heights.



The games run on a daily basis, so even if you have a busy schedule, there will be nothing preventing you from competing for this impressive amount. The money will be split among those who make a full house and the winners will collect more or less money depending on how quickly they hit this milestone. For example, the maximum amount to be earned by those who achieve this feat of strength with less than 30 balls and the prizes decrease for every new ball revealed.

The least players can win is €50 if they only make the full house after the 37 football has already been put into play, but this is not an amount to frown upon. Players will spend an insignificant amount on tickets and when they place a larger order, they will also have it matched by receiving twice as many tickets.


There are several bingo rooms up and running and each of them has its corresponding jackpot, so players are provided with genuine freedom when choosing their game of choice.

There is no distinction between the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball games, so if you prefer one type of bingo or the other you will enter the race for the same prizes. 32Red Bingo plans on introducing new promos and jackpots are here to stay, so stick around to take advantage of these generous offers.