Interwetten unveils the first charity bet

Interwetten is after all these years, the premier choice for online gambling when it comes to customers who are located in Austria or Germany.

They are now a major operator on a continental scale and given their success, it comes as no surprise that they are also involved in charitable projects.

The company has always been a supporter of good causes and wanted to give something back to the community.

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This summer, players will be able to put their expertise in tennis to the test and make a lot of money for themselves, while also doing the right thing. The motto of the new campaign is "You bet - Interwetten donates!" And it pretty much speaks for itself, because all those who bet on tennis are going to make a contribution. It all started with the Indian Wells ATP tournament, where players were invited to double their efforts and bet on real money to make a contribution.

Basically, the bookmaker will donate 5% of whatever wager per charitable foundation in Malta, in an attempt of raising awareness about the good things this organization performs. Social responsibility is a thing that many online casinos tend to ignore, but this is not the case with Interwetten and their players can join them in this worthy effort. As always, they tried to get everyone behind this come and go and more tennis tournament will follow throughout the year.

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This is not the first time that they donate to charities in general and this foundation in particular, so many punters are already familiar with these projects. It makes no difference if the bets they make are winning or losing ones, because the bookmaker is going to donate nevertheless.

Obviously, everyone hopes to win as much as possible when betting on sports, but it is refreshing to know that even if you lose, you will inadvertently help someone in need.

Unlike other campaigns in which Interwetten was the one to donate on its own, this one gets players fully involved and provides them with the impetus to continue this tradition. This involuntary contribution can be followed by other donations and many will find great pleasure in helping others and will not stop after the current promotion comes to an end.