Betsafe announces a steamy-hit slots campaign

Slot machines represent the backbone of most online casinos and Betsafe makes no exception, with the online gambling operator having more than 120 such games. The customer base is significant and growing at a steady pace, but the Too Hot to Handle promotion is likely to push this growth into overdrive. This is a relatively new campaign and it was introduced in the second half of January, while it is expected to continue deep in February.

betsafe-logoIt appeals to those who bet on sports as well as casino players, but the latter are the main beneficiaries as they receive a ticket for upcoming raffles each time they wager €50. The more money they invest, the more tickets they collect, as long as they focus on the titles included in the Max Adrenaline Slots section. There are dozens of games here, so the options are limitless and it is most unlikely for players to get bored with this promotion, before it expires.

Betsafe encourages players to stay active and invest at least €50, because the main prize consists of an all paid vacation worth €5000. The bookmaker will pay for everything and players only have to choose the destination and the departure date, so it doesn't get any sweeter than this. Winning the first prize is obviously the best case scenario, but those who finish in the second, third or fourth place have no reason to be disappointed. They will collect €1000, respectively two packages of €500 each for their dedication.

The more you wager, the better the chances to win the first prize, so highrollers and veterans have an edge over the pack. The fact that they have the will and resources to wager more money also improves their chances of winning the raffle, with more tickets resulting in better chances to collect the prize. The draws take placed on Sundays, so the winners will be announced on the next day at 6 PM CET.

Players need to opt in for this promotion and once they do it, they will be automatically enrolled for the campaign that starts at the beginning of a new week. There are no restrictions in terms of currency used or games preferred, as long as they play any of the Max Adrenaline Slots. Having a real money account is all that matters and meeting the minimum wagering requirement should be a walk in the park for all users.

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